Mindfulness Training

Six-Week Introductory Mindfulness Training Program – CURRENTLY BETWEEN SESSIONS

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Mindfulness is an exploration of the present moment experience, cultivating an expansion of clarity and non-judgmental awareness. It is a practice grounded in meditation that nurtures the development of peace, patience, insight and wisdom.

Benefits include:

• Less Stress & Anxiety
• Improved Communication & Relationships
• Enhanced Focus & Productivity
• Better Sleep
• Pain Management
• More Space Between Events & Reactions
• Mitigation of Depression
• Deeper Engagement in Daily Life
• Understanding Conditioned Responses


About The Training Program:

The Six-week Introductory Training program (“SIT”) is a step-by-step curriculum integrating mindfulness training and practice. No experience is necessary. Attendees work with live beings, not on a screen, to start a lifelong deepening of connection, understanding and awareness. Emphasis is put on learning to be kind to, and even embrace, the wandering mind while developing a self-sustaining mindfulness practice inviting curiosity, compassion and clarity.

Six Consecutive Sundays

March 26 – April 30

9:00 to 11:00 AM

Arrillaga Recreation Center

Menlo Park – MAP

$150 if paid by March 25

$160 at the event


The SIT Program was developed by The Mindfulness Institute and made available to senior practitioners as part of a year-long mindfulness teacher training program.

About Keith:

After a successful but unfulfilling 14-year career in corporate finance, Keith Erickson purchased a one-way ticket to India where he began his mindfulness practice in 1999. During extensive travels in Asia, his explorations repeatedly encountered learned and noble teachers who guided him deeper into his yoga and meditation practices, often in the supportive confines of monasteries and ashrams.
An admitted “retreat junkie”, Keith has spent more than a year (13+ months, cumulatively) in residential retreats, roughly 40% of those waking hours in silence.
A full-time Yoga Teacher since 2002, Keith has always integrated mindfulness into his teachings while challenging his students to be aware and awake amidst the hectic pace of today’s life experiences.
His teacher training with the Mindfulness Institute readies him to share the powerful and rewarding practice with a new and growing wave of explorers.

For More Information:

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